IP 460

The IP 460 cold insulated plastic container is very popular within the seafood industry from sea to land. Containers are double-walled, smooth and seamless with a PUR core, delivering a high insulation factor. The IP 460 is stackable with the IP 660 with and without the lid. The tubs can be stacked 4 containers high for transportation purposes. It is also equipped with strong, dependable hoisting grips and has easy access on two sides for pallet jacks and all four with forklifts.



  • Very high insulation factor
  • PUR tub and lid delivers excellent thermal properties
  • Ensuring steady temperature control
  • Complies with stringent food safety standard
  • Long lasting structure
  • Offers cold chain supply solution for safe, efficient and hygienic requirements
  • Designed with smooth walls to improve hygiene control
  • Strong and durable


Length 123 / 49 115 / 45
Width 103 / 41 95 / 37
Height 58 / 23 41 / 16


Height with Lid (cm/inches) 66 / 26
41 kg / 91 Lbs
Weight Lid 13 kg / 28.6 Lbs
420 L / 111 Gallons


Designed for the fishing industry and food industry. It is used for transport storage and food distribution such as fish, dairy products, grocery, ice cream, dry and slush ice, perishables, fruits, pickling and salted fish, grocery and pharmaceutics.

Additional usage

  • fish and food processing
  • food and pet food production
  • industrial applications and transport