About our new IP Containers website!

About our new IP Containers website!

Our new website was built with simplicity and efficiency in mind. With easy access to information about our latest products and the various benefits which will improve your facility after adding them to your production lines.

Our best seller

Our insulated IP Containers are available now in 7 different versions. Designed with smooth walls to improve hygiene control and can be used in many industries:

  • fish and food processing
  • food and pet food production
  • industrial applications and transport

The tubs can be stacked four containers high for transportation purposes. It is also equipped with strong, dependable hoisting grips and has easy access on two sides for pallet jacks and all four with forklifts.

NANOQ Coolers

IP Coolers are available in three sizes (25L, 45L, and 65L) and three different colors.

Roto-molded construction and two inches of high-pressure injected polyurethane gives this cooler extreme durability. IP Coolers can keep ice for up to 5 days in 25-degree celsius temperatures. Needless to say, this cooler is built to last a lifetime, and thanks to their advantages, they will be irreplaceable on any boat, during transport, and for storing food and drinks at work or during recreational activities.

IP Trays and Crates

IP Trays and IP Lobster Crates are designed for the fishing industry and food industry but also are used in retail stores, moving industries, automotive parts, and distribution centers. These IP products are made with a 100% virgin polyethylene blend to endure extreme cold. Crates structure is 100% made from plastic – there are no metal parts. 

Read more about various details of available crates, which will help you to choose suitable products for your seafood processing facility.

In the IP Accessories and spare parts section, you will find all additional or spare equipment for IP Containers. Various elements can be useful for your fish or shrimp processing factory-like IP Tub Hooks made with high-quality stainless steel for lifting and mounting the IP Containers.

About us

We highly recommend visiting the About us section as well. You will find more information about the IP Containers team, our history, and our achievements. We also added a section with articles and our upcoming exhibitions!

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