Claims that the new containers are better

Claims that the new containers are better

Morgunblaðið is an Icelandic newspaper. Morgunblaðið ’s website,, is the fifth most popular website in Iceland, and the most popular Icelandic website.
Here is an interview with Óli Björn Ólafsson about the IP Containers.

“We use more material in the walls of the containers, which makes them stronger, and the insulation is better than those in the Icelandic containers, so they are more heat resistant and keep the product cold for a longer time. These containers are better,” says Óli Björn Ólafsson, sales and marketing manager of IP Containers, about new fish tanks that IP containers have developed and put on the market. He says that this is an Icelandic design and that it is possible to stack the pots on or under a traditional container.

“Icelandic fish containers are an Icelandic invention and were invented by Guðni Þórðarson, the manager of Borgarplast, about thirty years ago, and Icelandic containers have always been made in Iceland, but these are made in China,” explains Óli Björn.

“This is a tough business. People in the fishing industry are very conservative,” says Óli Björn, who says that he is not afraid to enter this relatively specialized market. The company is in the process of introducing these new and improved containers.

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